Friday, December 11, 2009

Erin from Erie On Students Who Can't (Or Won't) Read.

To My Tuesday Morning Class,

No, you are not the "uninformed" class. Yes, you are the only section I am teaching where no one's Powerpoint has been posted on Blackboard, but this is because no one in your section has given me permission to. As stated previously, you need to give me explicit permission. This means you have to say "hey, you can put my Powerpoint presentation online," simply giving a presentation and the file for said presentation does not mean I can redistribute it.

All my other sections have Powerpoints under their folder because all my other sections have students that understand this concept, not because I told them one thing and you another. The announcement was made on a shared webpage you all have access to. In fact, it was the first line in the announcement where the second line informed you about the extra credit quiz available - which everyong from your section took. You got the announcement. I informed you all - your class was the only one that could not understand it.

Frankly I am disappointed at your choice to spend the first fifteen minutes of class bitching me out for your inability to read, but unsurprised no one in this section understood it - you are rather slow. All my other sections of this course will be getting out two hours earlier than you this week. Why? Because even with a full semester of giving you a single five minute break and them two fifteen minute breaks per class, you are still almost a full week behind. Even though I have had to ask you to read two or three pages from the book as a replacement for lecture because I have run out of time with you (even though I had plenty of time in the other sections), you are still a full chapter behind. You are obviously not a class that gets things.

Or perhaps you are so far behind because you spend the first fifteen minutes of every class verbally assaulting me and asking me dumb shit you would know if you read the fucking syllabus. Maybe - just maybe - if you didn't take up class time bitching about how much work you had to do outside of class, there would be less work you needed to do - gasp! - outside class!