Saturday, December 27, 2008

We Often Get Fan Letters Like This, And We Feel Badly If We Don't Post One Every Now and Again. Tina From Topeka: PWD.

File under "wish I could say this to my prof" but I can't. :P

It's like...I know her. We chat in her office all the time. (I work up there, so I see her beyond class.) I know that she left a mostly research job because she is really interested in teaching. I'm in a pre-medical field. Most profs are like ---) this, this, and this. Here's my awesome point-by-point PowerPoint. It's so black or white. It's more of a quantity over quality, rote memorization.

So when this Very Smart Lady kind of wings her's not what is expected. (Most of my peers: "she's too smart to be teaching this, we don't understand what she says!") She doesn't tell you what to write down in your notes. Maybe that's why I got an A in the class. You have to listen, parse, write it down in your own words. I love it.

I know that ya'all know about the good students but really. I love this prof. Not in a weird super-keener sort of way. Her teaching made me want to change my major. I want to emulate this incredibly smart woman. I want to know what she knows.

I may or may not being PWD (posting while drunk) but still. The best profs make you want to know more. But I love to read, love to learn. My: "so what else should I read?" are not the sucking-up stuffs. Some of us want to learn. Some of us even own library cards.

So yeah. THERE!

111 :D :O