Saturday, April 7, 2007

You Mean You Had Class Without Me?

Yesterday, my Speech class's big group projects presentations were due (they have been working on them all term). H was absent, not to my surprise or that of her teammates. Today, though, she graced us with her presence. I could not help but grin when she was shocked to hear that her group had presented yesterday without her.

"I can't believe that," and "but I wasn't here," were some of the insightful pleas she made to me and to her teammates. She did ask if there was anyway they could do the presentation, they were due yesterday, you have known this for 2 months, your group already presented yesterday. (Although it could have been entertaining if I said okay, just to see her teammates reaction they would need to present a second time.)

This was followed by an even more amusing discussion with some of her teammates as to why they did not recieve her information that she swears she emailed to them. Her teammates did not buy her BS. Then she again came back to me with "but I worked really hard," "can you look at the stuff I did." Again, my response, 'No, it was a group project, it was due yesterday, your group presented yesterday'.

Poor thing looked like deer in the head lights.

Will she fail? No, I am going to D her. Why on earth would I want to punish myself by having her repeat in my speech class again next term?