Monday, April 9, 2007

Somehow We Don't Think This Student's Grade Should Be The Focus Of All The Attention

No, there is no way you can earn a "B" in this class. You have earned an "F." I have listened to your arguments for a "B" multiple times as you have followed me across campus, pounced on me as I walk to other classes, and the time you tried to get into my car with me. Your arguments that you should get a "B" because I didn't email you before each quiz to remind you to study are unpersuasive. The other 224 students in the class somehow knew they had a quiz without a reminder email. I also didn't email you to eat dinner last night, but you probably remembered to do that without my assistance.

Your other arguments as to why you should get a "B" for the class are more disturbing. I am aware that you are an international student, but you chose to come to college in America. In America, women are indeed professors. Your statements that you don't have to take tests in my class because I am a woman do not hold in America. You have also told me that you do not need to take any tests, quizzes, or write any papers because such activities are "servant's work." If you manage to show up to class sometime this semester you should look around. You will note a decided absence of servants in the classroom.

While your multiple complaints to the department chair and dean about "having" to take a class from a woman who assigns to much reading (according to you) and the audacity to insist that you take your own quizzes have let me get to know them better, it is time to accept the grade that you have earned. I have informed the police both of your attempt to get into my car and your unsolicited pornographic emails to the course teaching assistant. I don't think anyone in America will miss you should you be told to leave.

I only wish that I could make you write an apology to all the decent, hardworking students I have had this semester. I could have put more of my efforts into assisting and developing the students who would benefit from some extra attention if you had not taken up so much of my time.