Monday, March 15, 2010

Super-Keener Sue.

Hi all the professors or readers of Rate Your Students,

I have been reading RYS for couple months, and noticed that there were quite a lot of posts talking about SUPER-KEENER. I am an undergraduate, a freshman, an international student, a well-dressed with flawless makeup sorority girl, perhaps a snowflake and a keener (I have too many titles). I am a super-keener of my major. I am really deeply interested into the subject. Usually I can understand the class materials and like to do some extra readings on my own. I often go to my proffies office hours, or ask my questions after classes (when the class ends early). And most of the time, my questions asked are related to the subject but not going to appear in the exams though. I am also a research student of one of my professor. I did all what I told to do (basically is just learning how to use UNIX because I am just started). So I think I can actually read some extra texts within his research field. I will ask questions when I don’t understand. My proffie seems really happy about it. And after I read RYS, I doubt it. Am I being too keen and actually annoying my proffie? Should I just do what I am told? Are my extra work done seems annoying to you?

Yes. I am a snowflake. I did really well in the classes of my major, but I got some Bs, Cs or Ds in other classes. I didn't show any interests in some of my classes. But I never annoy those proffies about my grade because I knew it was me who fucked my grades up. I showed up in all classes punctually, took lectures notes, never fell asleep, had being attentive (usually, but sometimes I daydreamed in classes) and handed in homework on-time. I also seldom speak in classes. It doesn't only mean that I don't talk or chat with my friends in classes; I also NEVER ask, answer questions and join discussions during classes. I am too shy to speak in front of people, mostly because I afraid of people won't understand what I said with my horrible accent and grammatical problems. Yes. I BUG my professors. I BUGGED my Math professor to give me suggestions on how to improve and extra exercise books when I did all the questions in the current text but still couldn't do well. I BUGGED my Art professor several times about one artwork and asked her suggestions. I BUGGED my speech class proffie to discuss my speech drafts before the presentation and BUGGED her again when I edited it. I am a regular visitor of all my proffies. Because I thought that I paid a lot (really a lot) to study here, I should try my best to learn all I can learn in classes; and I thought professors like to help their students. I doubt it again after I read RYS. Am I over-achieving? Are my proffies the best actors/actress pretending to be happy to help me but actually want to tear me apart?

I respect my professors because they are my teachers. If I found that I am annoying to them, then I would stop my "extra affords". So far my professors seem to be happy to help me (at least I think so). But after reading RYS, I cannot not to doubt about it.

My questions: What are the good students to you? How keen to be too keen? Is want to improve the same thing as over-achieving and annoying?

Best Regards,
An undergradflakes came from oversea

P.S. I apologize if you find that my writing is very crappy and difficult to understand. I had proofread it several times already. I got a D in my writing class and will retake it next semester.