Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sure You Can Make Shit Up. But It's Never As Good As the Real Shit. Suzanna Needs a Proffie GPS.

Suzannah Snowflake: I’ll be at your office hours 4pm! I really need your help! Where are you again? 3:50 PM

Patient Proffie: Well I'm sitting in my office. It's listed on the syllabus, of course, but it's room 610 in Hallowed Hall. 4:01 PM

SS: u fool! there is no such thing as 610 Hall, i've asked everywhere! (original wording preserved). 4:35 PM

PP: (after taking deep breaths): Its ROOM 610 in HALLOWED Hall. I am sitting there. Just to clarify, did you just call your professor a fool? 5:02 PM

Office hours are over. 5:30 PM

SS: I still can't find ur office. I'm on the fifth floor but nobody is here.... can we meet tomorrow at another office? 6:03 PM

Already home and drinking. 6:04 PM