Thursday, November 5, 2009

A New RYS Playlet. (With Bitchy Commentary!)

Actual flake conversation overheard while waiting in line.


Future Wal-Mart Greeter (FWG): Hi there

Precocious Princess (PP): Hi

FWG: Did you take the exam today? Apparently the exam can be taken some other day?

PP: Yeah

FWG: It was hard. The prof. is so stupid and mean. Yes, because all the good profs give easy exams.

PP: I’ll do good. I studied for it: I’m a bit of an overachiever. You mean you will do WELL.

FWG: I didn’t understand most of the test: it was impossible to do based on my knowledge.

PP: You’ll pass??

FWG: Everyone passes. Except you. I went to see the prof, big waste of time, two useless hours. For the prof especially. The prof was disrespectful when I told her I don’t read books. Don’t read, or can’t read? She’s a real c&*t. Surprising a female would use this word.

PP: I always do all of my readings. Yeah right.

PP: What was the hardest part?

FWG: What the hell is going on with the essay question about journalism integrity and bias.
Nicely worded, especially appreciate bias pronounced as: bye-ass-ted.

PP: Yeah, that’s like opinions, you’re supposed to just talk about whether it’s okay for journalists
to have opinions on the news. And?

FWG: No it's not.

FWG: What about the last test? I did awesome, I got a 30.

PP: sarcastic much?

FWG: What the F**k are you saying, 30 is like an A+. That exam was worth 35% of the final grade. I got 30% on it, that’s so close to perfect. Did I hear that right?

PP: But I got a 62… so if you got 30% of 35, that’s not 30/35, its 30/100, right? Wait, you got 62: so what exactly is an underachiever?

FWG: No, you must have got bonus points or something. That doesn’t make sense. Why did your exam have bonus questions. I didn’t get any. Sucks. At your future profession, all your colleagues will have dementia, so you should be able to hack it there… maybe.