Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sledgehammer Steve Brings On His Usual Compassion and Understanding.

To Dana and the rest of the whining adjuncts: shut your pie hole.

Here's what it is. You decided to be an adjunct. Don't feed me that total bullshit about how you need to work to eat, blah, blah, blah. You aren't migrant workers. You're highly educated, economically middle class, and probably speak pretty good English. You can get another job, a decent living-wage job with benefits.

You love teaching. Big freaking deal. Maybe I love playing baseball and I'm mired in the AA leagues watching A-Rod drive his Ferrari while I get filled with resentment. I can bitch and moan all I want about how the Phillies only want steroid freaks who can hit 70 homers per year and have no respect for us underpaid minor-leaguers who just wuv the historic game, and the fans, and, and.... excuse me, I have to wipe my tears and pop in my DVD of Field of Dreams.

Point is, none of that matters for shit. Hit 70 homers, pitch a 1.20 ERA or forget it.

Before you write me off as a classist fatcat (I *wish*!), I teach 4-4, and my campus has almost no adjuncts because our strong faculty union won't allow it. I think the heavy reliance on adjuncts is terrible- it's terrible for the students, bad for the faculty, and undermines the notion of higher education as a community of scholars. But Dana-- you're not a serf.

If you hate it that much, get out.