Saturday, September 19, 2009

"Dear Mom, I'm Making Friends With My Classmates!"

I am in my first semester and in a class called "College Achievement," designed me achieve in college. I am in a class with other students who want to text through class, act like they are taking notes on their laptops (when they're really just looking at Facebook) and, can't listen worth a flying fuck (but strangely have no problem with leaving their earbuds in during lecture).

The professor, a Doctor of Psychology, who is probably one of the most engaging people I've ever encountered, has to deal with teaching the course as it is rotated every semester to a different staff member. There are a few people of note.
  1. The sleeper. Shows up every day, drinks his cliche energy drink and then...passes out. Yeah dude, those Nickelback shirts and energy drinks make you look COOL!
  2. The "I'm sorry I'm late, I had a rough night and I just got off work" girl behind me. She tried to get me to write an essay for her. I had her e-mail the request to me then I forwarded it to the Professor. Dumbass.
  3. The one who partnered with me on an assignment and let me do all the work. Then she got mad when I only put my name on the assignment (as we were instructed to do if only one member did the work). Fuck you.
No one listens, everything has to be repeated 50 times. They don't care, and they probably won't until they fail. Disrespectful fuckers. Go have fun with your iPods and shut up so I can listen.