Monday, August 17, 2009

Humanities Prof Writes: "Salaries? I Thought Some Of Those Figures Were GNPs."

Our "poorly designed," "silly," "worthless," and "crude" survey of salaries has generated quite a bit of mail. The first set of numbers went up this morning, of course, and we're still eager for you to write with your salary, teaching load, AND discipline.

But we also want to share some recent notes that have come in that might move the discussion out of mere math to theory.

  • Whoa dude, Wow. Can you guys say what fields you're in more specifically? I'm a grad student and I'm *very* interested in understanding the differences across fields. I know it's not statistically valid and all that stuff, but still, I'd love to know if the responses are in French vs. Sociology, vs. Law vs. Chemistry, etc. I'm a grad student in Business (management). Adding up fellowship, RAship, etc, I take home $30,000. I am humbled that this is more than some of the responses from actual proffies.
  • I’ve wondered about this too, primarily because humanities people complain so much. I am a first-year T-T assistant in the social sciences at a research university on the east coast, 1/1 load this year and 2/2 every year after, starting at $70,000, with the option to teach 2 classes each summer, which would take me up to $84,000. Maybe they do have something to complain about.
  • I must confess I don't have any experience with part-time adjuncts, but the numbers people are reporting simply can't be real. I don't know anyone who'd teach for $3000 a class as some of your quoted numbers suggest.
  • Salaries? Those 6 digit numbers are salaries? For a college professor? I thought some of them might be the GNP for a small country. Explain to me how ANY proffie is worth $154,000?
  • I have a simple solution for those folks who have small salaries and who don't like them. Don't accept them. That's long been my solution for part-timers who I occasionally have to mentor. I tell them, "Don't accept the number." It's fine to complain about making $30,000 for a full time job - which is simply ridiculous - but nobody (I assume) put a gun to your head.
  • I don't believe your "sruvey" for one minute. I've been a college prof for 20 years and I've never even HEARD of one making more than $100,000 a year. Are you sure someone's not just pulling your leg? Perhaps they're not mathematicaly inclined?
  • These 5/5 people? How do they have time to write in? I teach 2/2 and am swamped all day every day.
  • You really shouldn't lump in juco or adjunct salaries with the salaries of full time professors at legitimate universities. It skews the results. I think if you look at your own numbers, regular professors at established and well funded schools make $60k+ and then people who are "freeway flyers" or juco teachers make less. There's less range than your scattering of statistically insignificant numbers would suggest.
  • That list of salaries is so discouraging. I get finished the PhD next semester, and I don't want to be one of those sub $30,000 people. Seriously!