Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Harry Hardass Screws a Student Over for a Lousy 9%!

Dear Professor Hardass,

It has come to my attention that my grade for your class is listed as a D . My ending grade for the class was a 73 which is equilivent to a C not a D.

It may have been a typing error since the letters are so close together. I would greatly appreciate it if you would look into why it is posted as a D.

Will you please email me back as conformation that it has been corrected.


Dear Math-challenged snowflake,

I'm not quite sure where you are coming up with a 73% for the class that you just took. In fact, your final average for the class was a 64%, which is equivalent to a D, not a C.

I did go back and check to make sure that I did in fact input a D as your final grade. Since the C and the D keys are so close together on the keyboard. I wouldn't want to make a typing error while inputting final grades, now would I?

Prof. Hardass