Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What Three RYS Readers Do When They Have Free Time.

Dearest Cash,

Honey, you are the shiz-nit. We love you. Two of my BFFs and I have taken turns supplying questions for your answers of 6/22. Tell us if we're close, okay?

Oh, we're all single, though the tallest of us only dates athletes...tell us you at least play disc golf, okay?

Mitzi from Mobile, Margie from Miami, and Mimi from Miami BEACH!

Refer to your answers thusly:

1. How many posts have there been on RYS?
2. Is the compound nice, honey? Are you all sweaty?
3. You look gorgeous in your avatar. What's your height and weight?
4. Would you please twitter with us? 140 characters away from lovin'!
5. What's the best thing about working for RYS - and being so hot!
6. What makes your pretty eyes so sad?
7. Would it bug you if we kissed you all over? Touched you under your regalia?
8. Where would we go on our honeymoon?
9. What nickname would you give to us?
10. What's your fave Steve Carrell line?
11. If we poured you champagne in our slippers, how many could you drink for each of the three of us?
12. What would you say if another guy asked us to dance and say you came to our rescue, and he threatend our honor, and we blinked our eyes demurely at you?
13. Did you like Val Kilmer in "Heat"?
14. Say we were to greet you at the compound wearing just nailpolish and our librarian-style glasses, would you prefer we spank you like a naughty boy, or use the fingernails on your back?
15. What's the best advice your dad ever gave you? (Or, Mimi suggests: "What would your dad say if he saw us awaiting your arrival at a smooth Holiday Inn Express in Boca Raton?)
16. Favorite place to tangle with us?
17. Where do you teach, honey?
18. Have you ever been with an older woman? Did it make you feel like a gigolo?
19. Have you been getting our other mash notes?
20. Do you know who we are, truly, inside? Would it annoy you to know that we download single-girl-erotica and use Photoshop to place your darlin' face on the actors who resemble you?

Okay, so that was harder than we first thought... But, Cash...we tried...

M, M & M