Friday, June 26, 2009

We Just Work Here.

You people are such assholes. You spend all your time making fun of students when really important things goes on all the time. For instance, my mother called me to say that Ed Mcmann died last week, and he was one of her all time favorites on the Tonight Show. And then today Farrah Fawcett and the KING OF POP Michael jackson died. And you won't even mention it or focus on it because your all bad teachers and you think its your students faults for it. You should really focus on the important things and the good things instead of being so negative. My uncle Warren gave me a Michael Jackson CD when I was a little boy and I learned all the dances, and my pop was a big fan of Farah Fawcett. These are icons, even Ed McMann even if he wasn't a singer or actress. And the real world is harsh and unforgivable and all you can do is write about how a student didnt staple his paper or used wikipedia instead of a f*&^*(&king book. You need to get some perespective. I dont even care if you publish my e=mail but I thought you should know that I read your page and its full of shit just like you. I have so much anxiety and stress because of what goes on around the world and all you care about is plagiarism and if my roomate helped me write my paper. ITS MORE THAN U EVER DID!!!

Ed Mcmann rip
Michael jackson rip
Farahh Fawcett rip