Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thanks For Nothing.

I want to thank the college who interviewed me and then hired someone else.

Mostly I want to thank them for saving me from the idiocy that they clearly have in spades.

They hired - instead - someone who was still an undegrad in 2006. Someone who got an MA at a complete shit school in 2008, someone who has NEARLY NUDE photos on her Facebook page, someone who has DRUNKEN PHOTOS on her grad student page.

I hope they all have a big whoopie party when she shows up.

I guess my fucking career doesn't amount to a hill of beans if that's the kind of idiotic hire they choose to make.

I wanted that job, pitched it hard, and came to the interview with knowledge and experience.

And they hired some mojito-guzzling whore instead.

I hope they enjoy the fuck out of each other. Thanks for nothing.

Bill from Bellingham