Friday, May 29, 2009

Froderick Discovers a Loudmouth Know-Nothing Is Much More Grating Than He Imagined.

Earlier, I mentioned this semester's loud-mouthed "Male Student Egomaniac." A few days later, Bitchy Bear called into question my citing the examples (or should we call them legends?) of how Einstein and Edison were thrown out of school for asking their teachers too many questions they couldn't answer.

I must now concede that Bitchy Bear made some valid points. My budding young "genius" turned out to be ALL MOUTH: he was certainly no Einstein or Edison. Indeed, I could answer most of his questions, when he didn't interrupt me. It was easy, since they clearly showed that he never read the book.

He also apparently thought that doing homework was beneath him. This is deadly for mathematical physics: I like the subject precisely because it's just not possible to b.s. one's way through it. One either knows it or one doesn't, and the only way for humans to learn it is by doing the frickin' homework, honestly, and by oneself.

I'd chortle at how badly he did on the final exam, but for the sheer trauma for everyone at having him in the class.