Friday, May 29, 2009

"Dear Cash..." Where Our Newest Moderator Takes Time Away From the Hookah to Answer Some Mail.

  • I don't know, Sherry, it just IS.

  • Yeah, I saw "Glee." It was sweet. I'm a sucker for singing and dancing.

  • I think the last time it happened I was drunk. But it can happen at other times, too.

  • You know what, dude, if you don't like it here, you can get your animus down the street. Here's a farting gift for you.

  • Yeah, I get reader's block sometime, too. It's like, are there more words on the NEXT page, too?

  • So, am I getting this right? Your kid got out on Swine Flucation and you had to take him to all of your finals, and the proffies didn't like it? Dude, don't you have like a cousin or a neighbor or something?

  • Ed, if my bro did something like that to me, poaching the only primo summer section, I'd sign up for a dudevorce right away, cut his sad weight loose.

  • I think the biggest change you're going to notice next year on RYS is how we're going to transition to twitter...140 characters, man. If you can't get it said under 140, then like go tell it to the Chronicle forums.

  • I don't know, do you think YOU'RE funny?

  • If I had to pick, man, I'd skip "Angels and Demons" and go see "Trek" one more time.

  • You can't say "hiatus" without making a little grin!