Saturday, April 18, 2009

"And With the D+ I'd Maintain My GPA and Win a Free Trip to Cabo!" One of Our Ongoing Series of Insane Student Emails.

I would like to know how you can make our points out of 400 when we did not even have the opportunity to earn 400 points. You never took attendance so you cannot say whether someone was there or not, you can only base it off of any assignments of extra credit we may or may not have gotten that particular day in which not ALL of the days did we have point activities.

So basically you are making up 50 some points or so and many people I have talked to in the class have different point totals on their grade until you put in the imaginary 390/400 cap. Without this cap of points that we DID not have I would have a D+ instead of a F now.

Explain to me how these points just appear? Honestly, because I am pretty sure we were not able to earn them? If you do not give me a D I will appeal and I have a friend in the class who feels the same.

I received all A's this semester and that includes an A- in Cognitive Processes with Professor Reasonguided who is a far better professor. If I can manage to excel in his class there is no reason for me to fail yours, and without your imaginary as I call it points that WE DID NOT GET TO EARN I would be fine. So can you please explain this to me or somehow justify your grading.