Sunday, April 26, 2009

We Send This Proffie a Big RYS Hug...

They are trying to steal my joy, but I will NOT let them.

I want to say, "FUCK YOU" to so many of them, it's not even funny. But instead, I'm just tired.

I'm tired of them taking a subject that I love and turning it into a chore.

I'm tired of wanting to cry on the drive there Monday night.

I'm tired of the whining for extra credit when they haven't done the CREDIT assignments.

I'm tired of the STUPID, INSANE, ASININE remarks that are made in lieu of the intelligent remarks that would come to mind if you READ THE FUCKING ASSIGNMENT. Yes, there are no "Right Answers" but there are intelligent comments. There IS a difference.

I'm tired of the stupid questions, "How do you spell Kierkegaard?" The way it was spelled in the fucking book, the one you were supposed to read BEFORE today.

I'm tired of watching you flip through the book to find the page I am on. (It reminds me of the way I flip through the bible in church when I visit - I'm agnostic. If the verse is in Exodus, I don't want to be looking in Revelations like a dumb ass. FYI - Here's what I do. I look at the program - syllabus - and find the selection in advance. So even if I don't know the bible, I will at least refrain from looking like an idiot when the time comes for us to read. You could do the same.)

I'm tired of you thinking that I won't notice that you stole work. You didn't read for the class, yet you expect me to believe that you read an outside source??? BITCH PLEASE! And, based on your essay responses in the test, this does NOT sound like you. Hell, it barely sounds like me, and I'm the instructor!

I'm tired of lecturing when I should be facilitating discussion.

I'm tired of reading passages aloud, because you haven't read them.

I'm tired of worrying that I'm grading you too hard because I hate you.

I'm tired of school and summer can't get here fast enough.

I'm looking forward to missing you, because that's the only way I can love you again. But there will be some first day of class smack down next semester. It will NOT go down like this again.