Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dr. Cougher from Calverton on Not Taking a Sick Day.

No amount of student audacity amazes the faithful readers of this site and, as a "Christmas and Easter" faithful reader of RYS, I generally figure no amount of student audacity should shock me. But, this morning I got the following gem of an email that caused me to crush my cup of ginger-lemon tea in anger:

"Dear Dr Cougher, I was realy offended how you came to class when you where still sick yesterday. You could make us sick too!!!!!! Can't you just cancel the class next time? Noone could understand you cuz youre voice was bad and noone of us understand the material anyways so we probably will get real sick for nuthing. And its almost exam time too!!!!!! we have other classes not just youres. Me and the other students sent a letter to your boss complaining about you being sick in class so maybe next time you can just cancel."

Really?! You were offended that I came in to teach you the last lecture before the exam? The review that you so pitifully begged for mere weeks ago? And now you're offended that I came in and croaked out a 2 hour review session on a basic topic you should already know about, so you could possibly pass the exam?

You make me sick.