Sunday, March 15, 2009

There Are No Small Roles.

Scene: A small, windowless room. Two tables, placed end-to-end, dominate the room, surrounding by two rings of chairs, one set under the tables, the other against the wall. A feeling of enclosed oppression fills the space.

Three figures enter. The gray-haired Monsieur Bombastic Asshole [henceforth MBA] leads Mademoiselle Lazy Ass [henceforth MLA] and Moi Aussi [henceforth MA] into the room. MBA and MLA sit on one long side of the tables facing MA; Mademoiselle Jackass [henceforth MJ] does not appear on stage. The initials of every instructor mentioned match the degrees we have.

MBA: I want you to know, MA, that we’re all teachers in this room. We do not intend to criticize your teaching, but rather to adjudicate these grade grievances from disgruntled students. We’ve already met with another colleague, MJ, but we need to meet with you to finalize everything.