Monday, March 16, 2009

Dr. Corcoran from Corpus Christi on Another Variation of the Name Game. (Personally, We're Just Glad Not to Be Called 'Dickhead.')

Somehow, some of my students think it's cool to call me by my last name only. It started about two years ago. I took aside the student who seemed to be the instigator, and told her to pass the word that I prefer to be addressed as "Dr. Corcoran."

It stopped for awhile, but has picked up again. Yesterday, while preparing for a major assignment, a student called out, "Hey, Corcoran!" I walked over to where she was seated, calling out while I walked, "Yeah, Studebaker?"

"My name is Sally," she said.

"Well, my name is Dr. Corcoran," I replied.

"Yeah," she said, with a sneer. "Oh," she added, when she saw the hard look I gave her.

I am generally liked by my students, and get high evaluations. I am friendly and keep generous office hours. But I don't pal around with them, and keep a professional distance from them. I probably didn't work fast enough to nip this latest example of disrespect in the bud, but after yesterday's incident, I've had it.