Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Newest Syndrome To Afflict Some: Lawn Mower Moms.

I have heard horror stories of helicopter mom's from coworkers in the academic field, from mom's who call professors requesting extensions on assignments to flat out demanding that their little darling get better grades. Very rarely do I come across anything that even shocks me anymore, I before today I would have even ventured to say I was unflappable. However after meeting with Career Services today I have to say that even my jaded self is shocked.

Apparently helicopter moms have brought it one step further and have become lawn mower moms, taking out everything in their path. They are now contacting the potential employers of their little darlings to ask about pay and benefits for jobs their children have interviewed for. These are large companies, such as GM, or corporate banks, that they are contacting without a moment’s hesitation. Even more baffling is the fact that many of these companies are sending out pay and benefit information to the parents of the potential employees they are interviewing! Do they even realize what they are setting themselves up for?

Has the world gone mad? I work in the professional field as well as teach, if a potential employees mother EVER called me and asked what benefit package I was prepared to offer little Timmy I would promptly tell her, “None, we do not hire fetuses incapable of living independently from their mommies here.” I would then cross them off the list! Furthermore if MY mother ever called my potential boss I cannot even form words to describe what I would do, other than perhaps tell said potential boss that she is off her medication and to please ignore her ranting. Are these mothers going to call HR if little Timmy doesn’t get his raise and demand his performance review be sent to her so she can review it? Is she going to go to work with Timmy to make sure he “settles in” alright and no one is mean to him by setting boundaries and expectations?

What the hell is going on? I feel like I am taking crazy pills!