Sunday, December 28, 2008

Nobody Gets Tired Of the Old School Smackdown. Well, Some Do. But Lots of Folks Like To Tell Us That This Is What We're SUPPOSED to Post. Every Day.

Cuddly Carla: You're cute and you're stupid. You've gone a long way on a quarter tank of gas. Be grateful for what you've accomplished and now leave the university. I hear Starbucks is hiring.

Addled Angela: You are an overly anxious student. Get some pills - fast.

Kenny Keener: Yes, you passed. You have an A. You always get A's. I checked your transcript. You have straight A's. Maybe I should give you a B so you know what it feels like.

Busty Bertha: No, you're not cute. No, you're not funny. You are annoying. And please put on a shirt that fits you. I'm tired of looking at your cleavage. Everybody is tired of looking at your cleavage.

Teasing Trixie: I know you like me. I read your review of me on I knew you wrote it. You're the only student this semester who has had the balls to call me by my first name. It still won't work. You have a B! Deal with it.

Itchy Ian: I will have dreams well into the next decade with you in them pulling at your dick. Take a shower and use powder afterwards. Scratching and pulling at your crotch every twenty seconds is annoying to everyone around you.

Annoying Anthony: Get a fucking life and somewhere far from me. Your cute little comments before and after class were the verbal equivalent of water boarding.

Patty Pal: Oh, my little snowflake, I'm sorry but have you mistaken me for a friend? I'm not interested in seeing pictures of your boyfriend, your parents, your sisters and your kitty cat. I'm really not interested in you. You have mistaken me for someone other than a professor who is paid crap to teach you a subject you really don't like. Go away, little girl.