Friday, October 24, 2008

"I'm One of Those Gattaca Guys, Too." Whoopsie from Wilmington Willie.

I have to confess I have never felt more uncomfortable reading an RYS post as I was when I saw Greta's Gattaca post.

I have done the exact same thing at my own college, right down to forgetting to tell the sub where to find the damn movie.

Now, in my defense (shrivel) my school REALLY frowns on proffies cancelling classes, even for good reasons. (And Stan's "mental health" day REALLY doesn't count.) So when I'm faced with an unmovable appointment, or sickness, or a seminar I want to take in, I often rely on a movie - mostly (I tell myself) to make it easy on the sub.

But I will confess one step further that I don't always choose a movie that really "fits" what we're up to. I laughed out loud at the instructions Greta got - "What sociological questions does the movie raise?" Yes, that will just about suffice for anything right? Ahhhh, and I've done that, too.

Yikes. I used to think this site made fun of others only, but I got skewered by Greta, and I know now that I've got to find some other assignments for next time I can't be in class...

I may be embarrassed, but I'm not ungrateful.