Monday, August 4, 2008

Sounds like Sarcastic Sarah and Her Snowflake Are Headed to Maui.

I got an email from a student yesterday about the course she's enrolled in that starts next week. It turns out she can go to Hawaii this summer after all - isn't that great? I am so totally excited for her!

But she's going to have to miss a week and a half of classes. Bummer. Now keep in mind, it's only a six-week session. We meet a total of 12 times, and she's going to miss 3 of those. Yeah, a fourth of the course. She did offer to come to extra office hours, though, and do extra assignments.

After all, I don't have anything else to do except hold extra office hours for her so she can go on vacation. Plus, I love teaching the class so effing much I want to give her private lectures on my own time. And the exams that I have to create and grade aren't enough, I need to spend more of my time creating special work just for her so she can go on her trip to Hawaii.

I get paid about $3.35 an hour as it is for summer courses, and I can't see reducing that any further so Precious Snowflake can go on vacation. I'm seriously considering telling her all this, and offering to hold the class in Hawaii for her so her vacation time isn't interrupted by ridiculous things like college. I wonder if she'd mind taking me along.... She won't have to feed me, just buy me drinks.