Monday, July 28, 2008

Some Summer Readers Hang Nanaimo Nick Out to Dry.

  • Given my workload and the fact that I've got children, I can ill afford to spend a whole evening in a spliff-induced stupor. However, I would gladly fire up a fatty of BC Bud in celebration if Nick would just fuck off.

  • After reading Naysayer Nick's smarmy and self-congratulatory note I concluded that part of the reason RYS exists is so we can vent about all the cheerleader dickheads like Nick who scold us about venting and who pretend that all the issues within higher ed can be solved if we were all as brilliant in the classroom as he appears to think he is. After all, don't we all have colleagues like Nick who never voice any complaints, concerns, gripes, or critical perspectives but instead grin and act like this is the best of all possible worlds? These cheerleaders like to play at being eternally optimistic because that act is well received by the college administrators who are always looking for a few good yes-men and yes-women to validate the new plan to increase "instructional efficiency" or "research output" or "community engagement" or what-have-you. Not all of these initiatives will be successful - so why shouldn't faculty have the right and the obligation to question these things? The problem with these cheerleaders is that they often seem adept at avoiding their fair share of the work that is added to load of work in the department. It seems that those who complain the least often have the least to complain about. Unlike Nick, I don't feel I need to put on a show of blind optimism to be effective. I work hard in the classroom, gripe to my colleagues when appropriate, and still love my friggin' job - at least 95% of the time (the other 5% of the time is during finals week). One doesn't have to choose between being a dedicated and effective professor and complaining about real problems. So Nick, as long as there are colleagues like you there will be a place like RYS for the rest of us laugh about you.

  • Do you often revisit websites that you don't like? Sending an email saying "I still think your site sucks!" tells us a lot about you. Get help. Notice the "*Summer Hiatus*" sticker at the top of the screen? Christ, these RYS kids probably worked extra hard to include the asterisks and you totally missed it.

  • We don't have to choose between teaching and bitching. We can do both. Don't tell me what "we" need or don't need, as if everybody's the same. If you lump me in with those Marxist po-mo pussies in humanities, you're walking on my fightin' side. As it turns out, you sure did need a place to vent. Glad you could participate - that's what RYS is here for! I'm puzzled by your complaint about RYS debates devolving into name calling, which follows your statements that RYS and its readers are abominable, weak, a disgrace and juvenile. Are we supposed to follow your example by just skipping the debate part? See you later turd.

  • You expect anyone to take advice and a scolding from a guy whose admonition to professors is a rip-off of Tim Gunn from Project Runway: We just need to get in the classroom and "make it work"? Oh, really? Let's think this through a little: the site is less active, Nick old chap, not because it's in its death throes, but because it's fucking summer. You know, that period of a couple months during which most faculty don't teach but instead finally have time to do things like read books and write articles and prepare for upcoming classes, and let's not forget that important summer task of becoming re-acquainted with one's spouse and family and friends, since it's rare to see them except in passing during the school year. You know the school year, right, Nicky pal? In case you've been in the sun too long and have temporarily forgotten: it's that period of the year encompassing three seasons and requiring 50-75 hour work weeks because most professors are "making it work" in the classroom, while also fulfilling other obligations like student mentoring and advising, busting plagiarists, performing committee work and service to the university and the to the department and to the profession, serving on MA or PhD committees, giving conference presentations, organizing conferences and/or hosting speakers. Give me a break with your attempt to tap dance on the grave of the blog. Your premature gloating is as ridiculous as your borrowed catchphrase. Don't make me point out the multiple instances of faulty reasoning in your post -- I'm on summer "break" (ha!) and not in the mood to correct anyone right now. The weather's great, wish you weren't here! I Complain Because I Care!