Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hey, Nick. Suck It.

I can't believe this site is still up. I'm glad to see you're only posting once a week or so. That means your mail is way down, and it means this abominable site has lost its readership.

I read about this in the Chronicle last year and I thought it must be a joke, but of course it wasn't. All of the weakest professors in the country must take solace that there are others of their number who sit around bitching instead of teaching.

I'm guessing from your paucity of postings that you're about ready to roll over and die, fade away. And it will be better for all of the academe. We don't need a place to "vent." We need to get in the classroom and make it work.

Glad to see you're in ill health and fading fast. This site has always been a disgrace. You're juvenile and academically empty, and when you try to engage in real debate, you fall back on name calling and conflation of issues. I will light up a doobie when it goes completely dark.

Naysayer Nick from Nanaimo