Thursday, May 8, 2008

PASSWORD: *********** {INCORRECT} PASSWORD: ************* {INCORRECT} PASSWORD: ************ {UH OH!}

omigod ifinally foudn the cmpoudn and it wasntr really that hard. you just take a cople oe diret roads and there it si with chain linkfence and a moat and wolves and alligatrosa dn abig fukcin iguana statue that mus beall of 56 feet high at least. and the powere is still on and there's actually food in the refridgerator andtheyve got computers out the gizmo and new linen on the bedzand my god thats actually p picture of all the modderators. and theyre all wearing hawiian shirts and cabanae hats and they smoking out of a 3foot tall waterpiep that is stillhere! and theya got the new grand thefet auto game i'mgoing toplay that SOB before anyonegets back. maybe I just take it back to myplace and lete these guysbuy themselves anotherone with ytheir big RYS moneybags.
you know now tha ti take a look aroudn thie place its ab it of a shithoel. couldnt' they get someone to vacccum this place eveyrone in a whieol. theres dust and bits of chesee and ti smeslls kida funny. man what is that smell. uhoh i hear a motor running outside. i better chekc and see what;s going on