Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Return of Academic Haiku: Plagiarism, The Futility, the Quickness of Time.

You turned in a paper
so clearly plagiarized
that it made my eyebrows curl.

I tried -- no luck.
I tried Google -- nothing.
I floated it to the faculty list

I spent two hours on it,
trying to track down references,
time I could have spent with real students.

You included no works cited,
although you cited in-text.
Then you turn in new names whose articles you could find.

The guilty flee, I suppose.
The time I will spend working on busting your ass
exceeds the time most people took to write the paper.

In that time, I could have had conferences with half the class,
written six to ten pages of my novel,
or had sex twice (four times, if they were quickies).