Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Four More Under the Bus.

Napping Nancy:
You offer insightful comments in class. You do the work. You take notes. And then sometimes you put your head on your desk and take a nap. And that makes me want to throw pencils at your head. Cut it out.

Secret Agent Stewie:
I don't know you. You don't know me. This is not a good sign. Every so often your work appears in my mailbox. Are you in the Witness Protection Program? Are you in training with the CIA? Are you invisible, faceless, or vampiric, only daring to tread out under the dark cloak of night? These are all intriguing possibilities. Also intriguing? The fact that if you miss one more class you won't have to deliver your secret missives to my mailbox anymore; you'll fail.

Jabbering Janie:
What a talker you are. You love the jibber-jabber. You love it in class, you love it via email(s), you even love to fill my lonely office hours with the thrilling sound of your voice (what else would I do, work?). Had I but world enough and time, dear, I would just love to listen to your every spare syllable. But the thing is, I have neither. So, why don't you just let me know if you ever hit on something important.

Shiny Steve:
So you're not the brightest bulb in the box. Who cares? You've determined that if you're not the brightest, you may as well be the shiniest, haven't you? Making lemonade, and all that good stuff. While I appreciate that you're planning on your charm, boyish good looks, and silly smile to get you through the rough patches in life, I would also appreciate your turning down the dial while you're in class. Yes, you can turn almost any group you're in into the Place to Be. Fun times! But while you reap the rewards of your shine, everyone else around you gets just a little dimmer. Stop bringing everyone down to your level.