Friday, January 11, 2008

POW: Prick of the Week.

One of the key aspects of this whole textbook discussion is the fact that many of us sell our examination copies for our own personal profit. I have made thousands of dollars over the years from selling my books back to the friendly book buyers that come by each semester (some even bearing gifts of apples and homemade granola bars).

If I get a textbook in the mail, it usually goes into a pile by my desk for future sales.

If I get a "check out our new textbook!" email, click, sure why not? Order it and add it to the pile.

If I get something offering a free copy for review in the regular mail, same thing, add it to the pile. Shit, even our building secretary is in on it. If a book comes for a retired faculty member, she makes a big production about how she'll get the book to them and then stashes it under her desk for the book buyer.

Many of the books come with heart wrenching messages printed on the cover imploring you NOT to sell this, as it only raises the price for the students.

Bitch, please. How else will I supplement my pathetic salary?