Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Top Ten Reasons To Keep Doing This Job

One of scores of responses we've received to a recent nutjob:

  1. Because the research I do benefits the discipline and thus ultimately benefits students.

  2. Because students need rules in order to give them guidance. No one likes dealing with disciplinary issues. I guarantee future employers won't be happy with workers who show up late or not at all, cheat, or turn in all their work past the deadline.

  3. Because I teach year-round to pay my bills and have the pleasure of working with summer students, most of whom actually want to be there.

  4. Because post-secondary education of some type is a necessity in order to get a decent job, and my discipline's courses are a requirement for almost any degree or certificate.

  5. Because despite the fact that some of us vent on this site, we still enjoy doing what we do most of the time. Perhaps you also think all the students who complain on RMP should drop out of school.

  6. Because experience and wisdom are important to successful teaching. New ideas are great, but a lot of material stays the same in many fields.

  7. Because someone needs to stick around to teach you how to use quotation marks correctly.

  8. Because no one is going to hire someone who claims to be self-taught by using the Internet as his or her sole source of education.

  9. Because I do care deeply about the education of my students, at least as much as they do and even more in some cases.

  10. Because I, like most of my colleagues, am good at what I do and want to make a difference in the lives of students and the world of academic knowledge.