Thursday, February 8, 2007

Where We Ponder How Ponderous It Is, and Offer a New Call for Posts - Old School Smackdown?

Readers tell us that the site's been a little drab for the past couple of weeks. "Ponderous," we've heard. "Turgid," we've heard. "Tedius," we've heard.

Some folks want us to have more "fun," to "lighten up," and to get "the stick" out of our asses.

Well, this is your site, folks. We post stuff that comes to us. We're not creating any agenda here. We report the news as it comes in from the outlying districts.

One note we got last night reads: "What's wrong there in RYS-Land? Why all the boring posts lately. Can't you liven things up with some old school smackdown? If I wanted heavy lifting and heavy thought, I'd go to a faculty meeting. Let it rip! Let's rate some students!"