Friday, February 9, 2007

We Hear This Idea A Lot, But Are Never Keen On The Image of Us Handing Out Towels

Whenever I detect the student-as-consumer attitude in my class, I tell my students that if they must think of themselves as "customers" at the university, they should employ a "health-club" or "gym" analogy.

Does paying for membership in a health club automatically entitle you to washboard abs? If you never go to your cardio kickboxing class, or when you do go, you mostly just slack off in the back row daydreaming or checking out the butts in front of you, and when you go home you stuff your face with pizza and ice cream instead of a healthy meal, would you complain to the health cub management when your own butt doesn't get tighter?

And if you go to every one of your yoga classes, and try to practice at home, and you still can't achieve the difficult positions, would you complain to the health-club management that the class is too hard?

If you would, can I go with you? Because I really want to see how that works out for you.