Sunday, December 17, 2006

Someone is Just Barely Hanging On

We're not dead, we're just numbed.

Numbed by an overabundance of office-hours. (Hours both fruitless and fruitcake-laden).

Numbed by the exam schedules that require us to proctor two different exams, in two different buildings, at the same time. (I'm gifted, but the Physics department hasn't coughed up the tech to allow me to bilocate.)

Numbed by the endless reams of administrata required before we can put paid to the semester. ("Well, we need another grade sheet filled out, this one reflecting the GPA of the graduatng seniors divided by Jon Bon Jovi's shorts size -- and we need it by noon.")

Numbed by the fact that the temps the Registrar hired to handle the spring registration/grade rush apparently really CAN'T tell the difference between their asses and their elbows.

Or, numbed by the cut-rate eggnogg the department secretary brought in, giving 3/4ths of us the runs.

Anyway, we're numb.

(University and Department Christmas parties are coming soon, though -- surely SOMEONE will prance about with a lampshade on an appendage, or act wildly inappropriately.)