Friday, December 15, 2006

Don't Cave In - Protect the Rights of the Studious and Industrious Student!

I have been dumbfounded by the reality of student requests. Prior to reading this site and any other teaching related sites, I never would have assumed that students asked such inane things of their professors. My mouth has hung open in surprise on many, many occasions. What the hell are they thinking?! I can’t believe these things go on, apparently right under my nose. In my egotistical view, I must be an absolute golden student to my lucky professors. I would never dream of approaching a professor with such ridiculousness.

Class notes, retakes, doing my laundry, taking out my recyclables, dropped grades, special above everyone else privileges – sure, I would love some. Maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s just utterly out of character to ever suggest such an absurdity. But if they're offering…

And if I knew this stuff went on around me, I would like to be made privy to it. I, for one, get highly offended when I realize the subjectivity of some of my professors. I don’t want anything I don’t deserve, but I absolutely do want what I do deserve. I don’t think I always get that. But do I complain? No, I take it as it is. A student who writes horribly gets the same grade as me on an essay – so be it. Some things are out of my control, but apparently not out of the control of students willing to subject themselves to the low levels of making such crazy requests of their dear professors. I’m appalled.

I believe it’s the professors right, or rather, responsibility, to stand firm in their convictions and take the evaluations for what their usually worth – shit. Stand up for what’s right! Protect the rights of innocent and studious students such as myself! Please. What more could I possibly ask of my beloved professors?