Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Wally From Winnipeg Spots a Trend.

Wally, a full professor in Sociology at a university in Winnipeg, Canada, has cracked the secret RYS code - we sometimes anonymize posters by choosing a name for them that has the same first letter as their city, state, province, or commune. We also try to choose names that give us a little chuckle. Wally is a little funny, we think. Unless, of course, it's your real name. Then it's about time to use initials or something. Oh, we're clever. We're about as clever as a wooden nickel. Yet, we continue to do it.

Anyway, Wally has this say:

My nominations for the Oscars this year go to J, whose performance as the ecstasy-addled sophomore who could never find a pen or a textbook was riveting. I put H up who played the starry-eyed naif who believed in unicorns and test re-takes. B, that force of nature, was hard to ignore as the one-man army for rights for First Nation peoples (despite driving his dad's Lexus SUV, and wearing enough Eddie Bauer to fill a New Hampshire coffee shop).

But the favorite has to be N, who charmed this reviewer with a wardrobe of wooly mittens and long soliloquies under the dim lights of my office.