Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Compound Cash Has Just Wet Himself.

So, here at the compound we have the big machines and the software and the menswear and so on, and one of the items I check and log occasionally is a collection of search terms that bring our readers to the site.

Generally about 60% of our readers come to us through a direct link, leaving about 40% who find us through Google, etc.

Most of these searches are awfully ordinary: "rate your students," "students & plagiarism," "f*&%ing snowflakes," etc.

But today. Oh Sweet Jesus On a Moped, we got someone who found us using the following search string:

pissy pants girls & diapered pussies

Listen, I just work here. I don't take any enjoyment in reporting this. It's so *dirty* that I don't even know what to do with the information. In case you're wondering, the RYS page that the horrible search led to was NOT at all about that particular variety of kink, it was just this piece about the supposed anti-youth bent of our page.

And to get this straight, I'm not anti-kink or anything, but at least have some kink about something that makes sense, like knee socks or handcuffs.