Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Oh Sid." A Student Seeks Insipiration.

Do I really have to read Brothers Grim? How important is it for the midterm? I don't know. I just can't seem to force myself to even open it. I read most of everything else -- Werther was a struggle, and at times painful and torturous -- but I am happy I forced myself to finish it because at times I was ready to throw it out the window.

It's kinda like working out: before you dread it and try to think of every excuse to get out of it, once you're finished you're glad you did it. It's like when I forced myself to sit through Gone with the Wind; I barely made it through, but when it finally...ended I was like, ok, it's done, I don't have to ever see it again, but I am glad I watch it.

I can't seem to find a reason to read Brothers Grimm other than the fact that because I didn't read it, it's now going to be on every question of the midterm (because it seems like thats how things work out).

I don't blame you for making me read this; I dont think you are personally out to get me. Instead, I blame Hollywood for making me sit through that horrific movie that made me re-think the artistry in cinema. I was actually ready to swear off movies in general. Similar to how a bad relationship can turn you gay, this is what this movie did to me. I also blame my primary school education for dumming down these stories and presenting them in a such a ridiculous manner that I feel they are forever tarnished.

How can I read Journey to the Center of the Earth, (which I am sure is an amazing book) after watching Brendan Frasier frolic like the talentless hack he is through the most uninventive, 3D digitalized joke of cinematography around? It makes the latest Indiana Jones look like Schindlers' List; Brendan Frasier and who ever else contributed to this poor excuse for cinema -- please apologize to Jules Verne and the thousands of people who will now never read her book.

Ok, sorry I am getting off topic. The point for writing this, other than the fact that I have drank way too much coffee and my brain needs a break from reading Whitman (whose religion I have offically converted to), is that I need inspiration to help me open the cover of Brothers Grimm; cause I do honestly fear -- literally fear, the boredom it is going to cause. However, if there is only a of couple questions on the midterm that deal with Brothers Grimm, then I am ready to cut my losses and leave it stranded in a coffee shop for some unlucky patron; or send it to Terry Gilliam (who directed Brothers Grimm) in case he wants to make a sequel.

Come on man, you directed Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas... so, I am sure you love nothing better than reading and responding to lengthy emails about absolutely nothing on your weekends (I plead you to Inspire me). As I persumably dismiss whatever insults my soul (tacky movies) so as my very flesh will be a great poem.

Sid the Student