Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"The Regulars." Athena Continues to Smack Down Those Silly, Hopeful Students.

Timeless Timmy: I make appointments with people who can't make it to regular office hours, not for people who don't want to risk having to wait in line. You don't have class during my office hours. I'm already on campus way more than 40 hours/week, besides the time I spend at home working on all the stuff I can't get done at school because of the students in my office. I'm not interested in making a special trip in so you can have alone time.

Hopeful Hattie: I have hundreds of students in four classes. Look around at just the other 200 people in your own section, put your brain in gear, and give me a little more to go on than, "Dr. Athena? I'm the student? Who sent you that email? Yesterday?" and an expectant look.

'Eadstrong Eric: If you send me another email to "Mrs. Athena" I will send a response to "Mrs. L," despite the fact that your first name is Eric. On the other hand, the gesture would probably be lost on you.

Allie the Achiever: You emailed me to *complain* that you have to score 75% on the final to keep your B for the course? You mean, you can make a C on the final, which is 40% of your course grade, and still earn a B for the course? And you think this is somehow unfair, and I should do something to let you earn extra credit so that you can have a more comfortable margin, because you're used to being an A student without working for it? Dude, that request takes balls. Suck it up and earn your 75 on the final, or take your C like a man.

Cliff the Climber: What can you do to earn a C in the class? With an average of 37% on the first three exams, you need to earn 120% on the final. Good luck with that. And when you retake the class, try finding the prof's office sometime before week 12 of a 14-week semester.