Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Top 10 Signs That Grading Your Exams is Going to Suck.

  1. A student writes a long note to you on the back of the exam explaining why she didn’t have time to finish the exam.

  2. There’s a Facebook group dedicated to you. Comments are not very nice.

  3. A student complains, “I forgot my calculator!” Lucky for you, I’ve got this trusty slide rule that you can borrow.

  4. You’ve never seen 20% of the class prior to exam day.

  5. A student sobs quietly as you collect the tests.

  6. Everybody gasps when you tell them that they have five minutes left.

  7. You realize that the calculation questions were so hard that nobody could answer them, including you.

  8. Rumors circulate that students in the dorm passed around a voodoo doll with your likeness.

  9. After the exam, you receive a thinly veiled death threat from a student, majoring in social justice.

  10. Before the exam, somebody asks, “Do we have an exam today?” Yes, now go back to bed.