Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Mail We Do Not Send. Dewey From Dirtland Can't Pull The Trigger.

I received the following email from a student who wants to enroll in my class, which is already full. Since he is a senior, he could've enrolled over two weeks earlier. There are a couple of sophomores who were able to get into the class. Instead, he procrastinated and there are no more seats left in science courses that will fulfill the requirement that he needs.

Professor [Dewey],
My name is Theo A. I am a senior philosophy major here at the University of [Dirtland] and wanted to contact you in regard to your physics course this upcoming spring. I have yet to do a science course and had waited for this course to come along this spring after noticing it in a catalogue. Due to some advising complications, general busyness and poor memory I somehow haven't gotten around to registering for my classes until now. I would like very much to take this course and this is my last semester to do so, and so I was wondering if I might be at least put on some sort of waiting list. I apologize as I imagine you are as busy as every other faculty member and student on campus, but I appreciate any response or consideration you can give to this matter.
Thank you,

I wanted to reply:

Dear Theo,
Thanks for being honest about why you didn't get into my class. I won't be adding you to a waiting list because there is no way that I'm going to let you into the class, even if a spot opens up. Apparently, you haven't figured out that professors don't want students who are lazy and forgetfull in their classes. However, we do appreciate it when you identify yourself in advance so that we can avoid you.
Dr. Dewey

There is no way this guy is going to get into my class, but my actual reply was:

I'll add you to the waiting list.