Saturday, November 28, 2009

Listen, We're Just Back From Thanksgiving, And This is the First Email We Opened. Hank Teaches Us a Lesson.

Imagine that I, a nice white man, comes to your college for a job interview very soon. Imagine I do exceptionally well in the meetings, and everyone loves me.

Imagine that at dinner, the topic of spouses comes up. Everyone tells a little about their spouses and what they do.

Someone finally asks me about my wife and I say, yes, my wife is wonderful, a gifted and caring person. "She's an Ethiopian refugee," I might say.

Ooooh, the nods of assent and wonder from the typical gathering of academic heads. Yes, this nice young white man has an Ethiopian refugee wife. He's someone we want around us because we, too, are fantastic liberals, willing to see past color and ethnicity, no biases of any kind."

Imagine the crashing standstill that same dinner would come to if I said. "Yes, my wife's name is Kevin, and he's from Cleveland."

Did I just blow your mind? Do you see yourself now for the hypocrites you really are?

Sign me Hank the Homo, and make sure everyone learns the LESSON.