Monday, November 30, 2009

Another Time When "Good Luck" Just Means "Go Fuck Yourself."

Hello, I'm sorry for missing so much class, but I've started a new job at night and I'm having issues juggling home life,work, and school (You mean you have normal adult responsibilities?).

It also doesn't help when I do not really understand math (or bother attending class).

Frankly I'm having troubles remembering formulas etc... and the processes it takes to get the answer! I'm not good with math, it's one of my worst subjects ever! (this where attending class might be useful).

By the way I never mentioned that I have a "learning disability" and understand information differently then others at times and are slower at understanding then others at times (again, how does this make you special?).

So needless to say I need a lot of help! I've tried to get help online and have not gotten anywhere with that, I've asked for help from my girlfriend who knows how to do it, but for me I just don't get it (well, sucks to be you).

Do you have any suggestions on ways to help me learn and be successful? (yes, attend the friggin class).

Have my absenses dropped me from the class yet? (now there's an idea).

I won't be in class tonight, but could you please gather all homework I've missed and anything else you think might assist me with my studies? ($&%*$ NO WAY. I'll put in as much effort in helping as you have put effort into the class so far...ZERO).

I do not want to fail the class, but I realize I will if I don't get help (.....and maybe attend class every once in a while too).

Please let me know what my status is? (Your "status"? This is a tough one. I guess I'd have to categorize your status as "a waste of space and breathable oxygen." If it is not clear to you now on what you need to do to pass the class, I don't think it ever will be. Fortunately for you, your McDonalds career will provide you with a register that will do all of your math for you. Good luck.)