Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Return of Nancy!

Dear ones! How are you? I have not written in many moons, but my Mama radar was buzzing and I could tell you NEEDED me.

The dogs and I had a wonderful summer, just boating with friends, and gallons of Mescal. You boys missed many a fantastical party while you were hunkered down there in the loveless compound - although, surely you must have some female company sometimes, right? Maybe Tessa from Tucumcari or Rachel from Raton.

And how am I to love you from afar if you don't tell us more about yourselves. I caught up on the summer postings with Cash, but I have to tell you that I like my meat a little more seasoned. He was full of energy, but I got the distinct feeling he would not last long in Mama's hands - if you get my DRIFT! (I know that you do.)

But with school now underway, my love thoughts returned to all of you boys, running the greatest webpage in creation.

I miss you. I wish you wrote more. Will you publish my text and photos when I send them in. You were kind to me once, back in the days, but we won't tell that story here.

Oh, boys...have an ever-lovin' semester, and think about your gal here in Tennessee.



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