Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Continuing Adventures of Snowflake Email!

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I really wanted to get something worked out with you beforei go get this grade appealled. i believe that it is unfair thati try as hard as i did and reached out to you several times for assistance and you still will not help me get 8 points. i have been present in your class everyday expect for when my kid was sick. I took notes and studied. Biology is not my major unlike some of the class, it does not come easy to me. I will do everything to get this grade over turned so please have all my work form this semester ready for me to pick up tomorrow your give it to the dean. I will not except this grade because of your lack of teaching skills.

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Dear Student:

I'm not sure why you would expect any other grade except the one that you received. By the way, grades that students receive reflect the caliber of student that receives them, they usually have very little reflection on my teaching abilities, or lack thereof.

Unfair Professor