Sunday, August 23, 2009

One More Flake Wins a Battle Of Wills.

I wanted to thank you for taking my course. I appreciate how you persevered through the course despite the many hardships you faced during the last 6 weeks and your total hatred for the subject matter. I wish you and your husband well since you felt it necessary to share with us how you both had been fighting from week to week and this is why your work was not quite what was expected. Hopefully the 4 sessions with a certified therapist the school has provided will prove helpful.

I also hope all the soda you gave your son to sit for the final exam didn't make him sick. It would have been a terrible shame for your young child to be sick at the bar that your husband runs. I truly appreciate how you managed to do most of your assignments there despite the poor lighting.

I just felt you should know you have only been receiving an A for these last couple weeks in the course to get you to shut the FUCK up about your first amendment rights being trampled on or what other manic issue you had each day. I normally don't let a difficult student slide, but unless you learn to keep quite and listen, failure is inevitable and on this rare instance I will have forgiven myself from the rants of the hopelessly oppressed.

If you've still not settled on a major, I'd suggest looking into pre-law. Since you already have shown an interest in your own rights it could be helpful to learn what they actually mean and of course no one would deny your willingness to argue about every irrelevant point just to illustrate your intellectual dominance. I will admit you taught me one thing. It is important to stand up for what you believe, so with that I cheerfully assign you the A-!