Monday, July 27, 2009

Let the Gnashing of Teeth Begin. The New Princeton Review Rankings Are Here to Ruin Your Crappy Job at Your Crappy School.


According to The Princeton Review's annual survey of college students, the best professors are at Davidson College. Students party the heartiest at Pennsylvania State University and they're most satisfied with their financial aid at Swarthmore College. Colgate University takes top honors as the most beautiful campus, while Virginia Tech serves the best campus food and Smith College has the best dorms.

The Princeton Review, an education services company perhaps best known for its test-prep courses, asked 122,000 students at 371 colleges to rate their schools on dozens of topics and report on their campus experiences. The company uses the students' responses to help generate reports on the top 20 colleges in over 50 different categories. Other ranking categories report on topics such as campus political leanings, social scenes and sports interests.

All of the rankings are included in the 2010 edition of The Princeton Review's annual college guide "The Best 371 Colleges." The book also has unique ratings -- scores from 60 to 99 -- on each college's profile in eight categories, including Financial Aid, Fire Safety and Green (a rating based on the schools' environmental commitments).