Friday, June 12, 2009

Worn Down Winnie From Wenatchee Whines About a True WTFer.

Desperate Doug got a B in my spring class. A few days after submitting grades, DD phones me, near hysterical, begging me to lower his grade to a D.


Seems DD does not want any "accolades" on his transcript, as in cum laude or whatever. To have a B in my class would be akin to ruining his life. He could not offer a cogent reason why a D would make his life sunshine and rainbows. I told him I wouldn't do it.

Then, he started haunting the department's office, scaring secretaries and the like, trying to see if THEY could help him.

He called me and called me. E-mailed me.

Finally, beaten into submission, I agreed to change his grade. I told him I thought it was unethical, but if it was that important, I'd do it.

I thought that would be the end of it.

But -- wait for it -- the university won't let a prof change a grade if it is to the student's disadvantage. (I indicated I made a "math error" in computing his grade) The form was kicked back to me. I debated contacting DD, but didn't want to inflame his hysteria.

So, I waited for the inevitable e-mail (thank God, it wasn't a phone call), wanting to know why the grade still hadn't changed.

I explained the university's policy, apologized for disappointing him and told him not to contact me about the matter any more because there is nothing I can do.

The following day, he terrorized the secretaries once again, and called my department chair. Get this: He told her I made a mistake and gave him a B, when he really deserved a D. No mention of the GPA and ruining his life.

My chair called me and I explained the story to her. She meets with him tomorrow. I doubt that the grade will change.

Yes, I'm a dumbass for cowing to this character, but WTF, people?

What is with this underachiever?