Sunday, March 8, 2009

Five I Hate.

Kelly Keener - An extremely hard worker, contributor to debates. But here is the thing; she only focuses on what will earn recognition. She desperately wants to succeed, but apparently has no genuine interest in the content. She wants to be a prof.

Fashionista Frank - I wish I had a photo. It's the 6th class of the semester. This is the first time he has graced us with his presence. He is wearing normal clothing, with the exception of a dirty, frayed, florescent green bungee-cord as a belt.

Biggins From Buttfuck - A big star from a small town. He is very upset that he does not have special privileges. Classes don't fit into his busy schedule.

Curly Caitie - She likes her iPod. She sat near the front row and watched a movie on it during class. Afterwards, she accosted me to to say she had not done any of the readings because she could not afford the book. Clearly I should find her a copy and give her my own notes so she could catch up. iPod = sign of wealth. So she tried a new tact: "There is too much reading... It's impossible." The reading is about 20 pages a week. The book is in the library, and the students were informed they could buy it soft cover for under 30 dollars from Amazon.

Twitchy Tom - He does not want to be here, and he makes that abundantly obvious. One can see the pain generated in his face when he has sat relatively still for more than ten minutes. This rarely happens though, usually, he arrives (late) and stays five minutes, and then wanders away, leaving his stuff in class. He comes back about 40 minutes later. He expects full attendance credit no doubt. It's a participation grade, not a grade for simply arriving.